The beginning images on the site were scanned from photos, then tweaked a bunch, trying to get the display size, download size, clarity and color the way I wanted them.   The scans yielded images that were 5MB and bigger!   I finally settled on thumbnails that are about 100 x 100 pixels, 2k to 3k, linking to larger format images -- about 600 pixels wide -- of about 50K, all in jpeg format.   I apologize for any sloooowww loading.

As with all efforts, practice improves the product, and I like the newer pictures better than the earlier ones. Also, I bought a digital camera in 1998, and that eased the workload a lot.

Holli and I are viewing these pages at a screen resolution of 1024x768 using 16bit color.   I think you should get okay viewing at 800 x 600, but if you're running at 640x480, you'll see some distortion in the images, and you'll likely have to scroll around on the larger ones. 

And if you're running a color depth less than 16bit, the colors might be funky.    8bit color (256 colors) just doesn't cut it anymore.   Upgrade your video card, MaryEllen.  Get a new monitor, JoAnn. 

Another issue is that, even if I get these looking really spiffy on MY computer, they'll look different on YOUR computer.   All of the above stuff notwithstanding, you certainly have your contrast and brightness set different.    And if you're using a Mac, well, all bets are off. 


All the music is in "midi" format.   We have noticed that the sound volume is not consistent from midi to midi -- haven't yet figured out what to do about that. Not much, probably. 


We used Comic San Serif throughout these pages. Like in the blue box, below.

So, if THESE HERE words in THIS HERE sentence are presented to you in a different font, it means only that you don't have Comic San Serif installed on your system.   No biggie.   But if you'd like to get up to speed, go to the Microsoft link below and download the Comic.exe appropriate for your operating system.

Remember where you save it to disk, then use Explorer to find it and double click the file.  It will install itself, and when you reboot, Comic San Serif will be available.   You can delete the comic.exe file when you're done.

Download Comic San Serif: