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Links below are to trips we made to the Olympic Peninsula, and other milestones of our move.

September, 1995
We flew to Seattle, rented a car, and spent 10 days exploring the Puget Sound.

June, 1999
We drove our van up Interstate 5 to Southern Washington. Then turned west to Highway 101 on the Washington Coast, and looped up over the Olympic Peninsula and into Sequim.

July to December, 1999,
there were FOUR more trips. We've learned a lot about Building Codes, Environmental Planning, Botany, and Biology.

April 27, 2000
Don and Gert move to Sequim

September, 2000
Choosing a home.
Planning where to put it.

September 16, 2000
One day Round Trip
from LA to our home in construction

November 4, 2000
Our home arrives on the lot.

November 17, 2000
The last trip before Bob & Holli move.

Up to January 10, 2001
We packed and packed.
The movers arrived on the 10th

January 11, 2001
We drove to Port Angeles
in one day. Non-Stop.
With 3 cats and a trailer.
Then waited for the movers.

The truth can now come out.

The land we finally bought is situated between Sequim and Port Angeles. It's a bit closer to Port Angeles, so we actually have a Port Angeles address. But that's okay, because both towns are great. The whole North Coast of the Peninsula is great.

I'm leaving all the references to "Sequim" on this website, because it really doesn't matter whether it's Sequim or Port Angeles.

And I'm too lazy to change it all to read "Port Angeles".

What's this all ABOUT?

Before we met, Holli & I had been dreaming for years about getting out of California. After we met, we kept on thinking about moving, but now we would move TOGETHER. Where would we go, though?

Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Oregon?

After the 1994 Sylmar earthquake, we got serious about moving.
More research led us to the Olympic Peninsula
and a town called Sequim.

"So, Where the Hell is Sequim?",
you ask...

It's in the far Northwest of Washington State
on the Olympic Peninsula.

Here's a HUGE report on the
State of Washington,
focusing on the Olympic Peninsula

Here's a
ROAD MAP to Sequim.
Or, if you like topographical maps, click
And here is a
And an
How about a
And the
Here's a link to all the towns/cities of the