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We met back in ... lets see it was probably June 1990 ... when I went for a second interview at a job I was hoping to get.  Bob was the supervisor of the department so he was the one to interview me.  It wasn't really an interview and anyone who knows Bob will understand ... it was more like two friends talking.  I left there hoping to get the job because I really wanted to get to know this Bob guy better (you know, like is he married or involved?). 

I got the job and set out to learn as much as I could about my new supervisor! First thing I learned was that he, like me, had a terrible ending to a relationship and neither one of us was too interested in starting another one - like *never*<g>.  I also didn't want to complicate the job or a relationship by getting involved with my boss.  So we just worked together for a year or so.  Problem was I was weak and was really falling for this guy ... it drove me crazy!  Then "one fine day" they decided to reorganize staff and he wasn't my boss anymore - someone really should have told the poor guy to watch out for me - but he did a pretty good job of resisting.  Gosh we became such good friends!!

When I finally got the nerve to tell him how I *really* felt, I thought he would start making plans to move to Alaska or something.    We spent a couple of years with me chasing and him running - well actually it was more like a fast walk.  But we did both end up in love with each other and are living happily ever after.

People find it hard to believe but we spend almost every minute of the day together ... we live together and  work together - it's truly awesome.

Bob & I have both been married once - to others.  Bob has two children, Kira and Scott and I have a son, Tod.  They are all about the same age, having been born in the late 60's.  Kira is currently living in Phoenix, Scott in Encinitas and Tod here in Sylmar.  I have lived within the same 20 mile radius my whole life ... Bob was born in Baltimore and has lived in a variety of places - Coeur d 'Alene, Idaho, San Luis Obispo, Valencia and on a boat in Long Beach for 5 years - to name a few.  While Bob was an only child, I have two older brothers, Keith & David; Keith lives in Van Nuys and David is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Our folks, who USED to live nice and close, now live in Washington. I say "our" even they they are really mine, due to the fact that Bob lost his parents several years ago and he has adopted them and they have adopted him - wait a minute - does that mean I am living with my brother???  Oh my ... 

I guess you can tell that we spend a lot of time on the computer!  Surprisingly enough I probably spend twice as much time as Bob does.  My excuse is that I got started later than he did so he has already burned out.  And besides, he is the one who got me started with all of this.  My priorities have changed a lot and I mostly enjoy making web pages & playing with graphics but I do still spend a lot of time on-line surfing - more than I should anyway.  Bob's computer focus, when he isn't arguing with the machines, is with his photo work.  He is doing some marvelous stuff, especially since he got his digital camera, so be sure to visit our photo albums to see for yourself!!  He currently has a huge project involving his family tree & old photos he has scanned and you can keep track of his progress in the Family Photo Album: Bob's Family Photos.  He says this section will be under construction for "a long time".

In January 2001, we FINALLY made the move to Port Angeles.  Life up here is heaven!  Mom & Dad live on our lot, about 150 feet from our front door to theirs.  We worked at Wal*Mart for almost a year (we THOUGHT this was our dream job-NOT).  We now have "normal" office jobs and we are happy as can be.

In August 2002, we took the leap & got "hitched".  We didn't tell anyone beforehand, except the neighbors because we needed them there to be the Maid of Honor/Flower Girl/Witness and Father of the Bride/Best Man/witness.  We successfully surprised everyone else!  We spent a wonderful weekend at the Sunset Marine Resort where Bob got some beautiful sunset pictures.  As soon as he finishes all the other stuff I've asked him to do he will get those uploaded so we can share them.

We do enjoy all the company - and we have had quite a bit.  So as Bob is famous for saying ... "Your room is ready"

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